Lovely As A Tree…. samples galore

By | January 26, 2017

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Are you LOVING all of the samples for Lovely As A  Tree?   Well I have more ideas to share with you.    To be honest, I have never participated in a “Sampler Swap” before, but boy… it won’t be the last one.    We all have our own style and it is great to see what others do with the same stamp set.   You would think there would be some duplication but nope.   All the cards were unique.

Now for the next four “Lovely As A Tree” samples (with credit to the creators).

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What can I say… the stamp set has been around for a long time and is very versatile.     Check it out.


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Lovely As A Tree…. samples, samples, samples

By | January 25, 2017

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Who wants to be inspired?    I participated in 3 swaps at the Stampin’ Up! Canada “Canadian Business Conference”.    One of the swaps was based on Lovely As A Tree.    Did you know that is the longest running stamp set that Stampin’ Up! has in their catalogue.    While it is a very versatile set, I have a hard time thinking of it other than Christmas or Sympathy.   These samples might change my mind.

The swaps were in groups of 10.    We had to make 11 identical cards.  One card went on the Display Board, the other 10 cards were sorted and the next day we received our swaps back.    We also received Display Albums to put them in (I will post  picture of that as well over the next few days)

So let’s look at some samples from participants at the Conference (with credit to the creators).

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Stampin’ Up! Canadian Business Conference – my final thoughts

By | January 24, 2017

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The conference is now over but I wanted to share some thoughts with you before I forget them.

There has always been the “myth” (in my mind) that Stampin’ Up! events are special.   I have attended convention and regional events and they were awesome.   However this was this first event that I have been invited to as a leader (ok… an up and coming leader;))     Being in a room with 80 people with the same passion and drive is electrifying.

Day 1

Belinda Ellsworth motivated us with her key note speech on Direct Sales and Adrian Hampshire got us thinking of life and balance….add in some quizzes, a make and take and day 1 was over.

Day 2

Consisted of presentations from some of the top Demonstrators in Canada… they were all inspiring and left us all pumped for the future.   Now it is up to us to make it happen.   Of course a Stampin’ Up! event isn’t complete without some creative time.   We made 3 cute cards that will appear in a class in the future.:)

The organizers had some great ideas… assigned seating  (different for both days) encouraged us to meet others, dinners at a variety of restaurants with facilitators.    It kept the conversations flowing and encouraged communications.     There were 4 different options for dinner and we pre selected where we wanted to eat each night.    The night the Conference was over, 45 of us headed to the CN tower for dinner… we rotated in the fog and had a wonderful time.

My big take-away from the event was how encouraging , helpful, warm and supportive the other Demonstrators were.   I heard over and over that if we support each other individually it makes us all better as a whole.    LOVE THAT!

Can’t wait for the next event… more on that another day.

In the meantime, I have some pictures to share with you.


Canadian Business Conference Day 1



Canadian Business Conference Day 2



Dinner at the CN Tower

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Stampin’ Up!’s Canadian Business Conference

By | January 21, 2017

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WOW, WOW, WOW.   I can’t express enough to you what an amazing time is being had at the Canadian Business Conference.    Today (Saturday) is our last day and we have a jam packed Agenda.

I checked into the Hotel on Thursday night after picking up my Roomie at the Airport (Lisa H) and headed to the Sandman Signature.    I know… I just live up the road, but I wanted to experience EVERYTHING that the Convention had to offer.   The bonding, networking, meeting new and old friends… well you get the picture.

Thursday night we were to have a meet/greet in one of the Hotel conference rooms but there was a bit of an oops… so we ended up in Jackie’s room (the “Pampered Stamper”).    You know clowns in a mini car… how many can you fit in?    It was like that.   We ended up spilling over to the next room… it was a great way to meet everyone and unofficially start the conference.

I will share more info, pictures, thoughts on the conference in the days to come but want to share one of my swaps with you.   These were organized Sample Swaps and we had to use specific stamp sets.   I signed up for three different swaps.    The first was “Dragonfly Dreams” from the Occasions catalogue.     We handed in our swaps on Friday morning.   They are being sorted and today we will be getting our complete sets.   I can’t want to share the pictures with you.

Here is my swap for Dragonfly Dreams.   Thanks for Linda S. for the inspiration.   Her Christmas card was Copper Embossing on black card stock and I loved the elegance of it.

Card - General Card - General

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Embossing Tip

By | January 14, 2017

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I am working on some SWAPS right now and am doing a lot of embossing.     I am using black card stock and if you are like me I really dislike the residue that is left on the card stock from the Embossing Buddy.    I know it is super easy to wipe off, but if you use a tissue or piece of paper towel, you can have a bit of residue left over but more importantly you also get the “nails on the chalkboard” effect.     Now I know it is not that bad but it does make me shiver.

I keep one of the cloths for my glasses (or computer) near my embossing supplies and it is super easy to use to clean off the card stock when you finish embossing…… and it doesn’t make me shiver from the feel.

Curious on what the card is going to lo0k like.   You will have to check back on Saturday to get the deets.


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On Stage is coming….. can’t wait

By | January 5, 2017

Hi Stampers

I love Stampin’ Up! Events and am very fortunate this Winter and Spring to be able to attend a few of them.    In a few weeks I will be attending a two day event organized by Stampin’ Up! Canada, the Canadian Business Conference.    I am beyond excited and honoured to be invited to attend this event.   85+ of the top Demonstrators from all over Canada and little ole me.     I will be sharing a room with a Demonstrator from Kingston, dinners have been organized for 3 nights (can’t wait for dinner at the CN Tower!), organized SWAPS, a key note speaker, break out sessions, motivation and team building.   I can’t wait.      And of course I will share it with you.

The other event I am excited to attend will be in April for OnStage Local.    The Main Event will be held in Amsterdam on April 6-8th, but we are fortunate to have an OnStage Local event being held in Toronto on April 8th.     Stampin’ Up! Events are super fun, informative, a great way to bond with other Demonstrators, Stampin’ Up! Staff and we get to play with product!!!!    Cecilia and I attended one of the local events a few years ago and we can’t wait to share this experience together again.



So why am I telling you all this….. well Stampin’ Up! are looking for Display Stampers for the OnStage event.   I wasn’t going to apply, but at the last minute (the deadline is Jan 6), I decided “Why Not”.      I gathered some of my favourite projects from current product to be reviewed for consideration and this is my blog entry.


My projects for review are a scrapbook page, two 3-D items and three cards.    Wish me luck!

Scrapbook Page from the Morocco Trip – a night in the Sahara Desert

scrapbook-page scrapbook-page-close-up

3-D Project – Swirly Scribbles Frame


3-D Project – Floral Boutique Designer Series Paper Purse (part of an upcoming class)


Card #1 – Fairy Celebrations Shaker Card (part of an upcoming class)


Card #2 – Fairy Celebrations Slider (part of an upcoming class)


Card #3 – Lift Me Up & Up & Away Thinlits (Canadian Business Conference Swap)

card-1 card-1-1


There you have it.    Keep your fingers crossed for me 🙂    I will let you know the outcome.


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Waking up in the Sahara – October 19, 2016

By | December 1, 2016

Hi Stampers

We got up early this morning to watch the sunrise over the Sahara…. I KNOW… doesn’t that sound amazing!    We could hear the ladies in the other tents slowly waking up, giggling and laughing and talking about the awesome experience that we had all shared.    But the day was just starting.   A quick shower (OK… very quick because the water was COLD!) we got dressed and headed outside to climb the dunes to see the sunrise.     We each found our little spot to sit and watch this welcoming event.   It was quiet, no one spoke as the sun came up.

Looking towards the sun it was a rockier landscape.   When you looked in the opposite direction you were faced with the dunes.    You can see the sand undisturbed, with little animal tracks, then you can see all of our tracks as we started to explore the dunes around us watching out for camel poop 🙂


Our camp in the morning light.     On a side note, at some point during the night one of the ladies looked outside their tent.    There was a Tuareg that stayed outside our camp the whole night… I guess to make sure there were no problems.   They really did take great care of us.


After a hearty breakfast we were ready to end our amazing journey into the Sahara.    We jumped into the 4×4 jeeps  and started racing each other out of the Sahara.

Before getting too far, we came across some young boys with Desert Foxes….

Morocco - Sahara

Then back into the jeeps to the Kasbah where we left all our luggage the night before.   Cathy, Lori and I shared the ride going into the desert and coming out.   This is our ride leaving the desert.    If you are curious what “waha” means (not sure on spelling) it is “may I” (so you can take a picture and Yalla, Yalla (again not sure on spelling) it is “Let’s Go!”

We had a 4 hour drive to our next stop for the night in Ouarzazate.   Along the way we made a few stops.     I can’t remember exactly what this place was, but it had something to do with ancient water wells.   But there was shopping.


Then we stopped at the Todgha Gorge in the High Atlas Mountains near the town of Tinerhir.

Before checking into our hotel, we went to an antique type of store.    A few of us looked around then decided to go outside for some fresh air.   It didn’t last long.   We experienced a sand storm.   The store saw it coming up and they closed the doors.   Luckily our bus / driver was across the road so we booted it to the bus and waited for the sandstorm to stop .   Luckily it didn’t last very long.

Morocco - Sahara

Accommodations tonight were at Le Berbere Palace in Ouarzazate.


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Morocco, Let’s go to the Sahara Baby – October 18, 2016

By | November 30, 2016

Hi Stampers

When I told people that I was going to Morocco (I had booked it over a year before actually going), the one thing most people said to me was “why would you go to Morocco?”.     Well folks, it was a bucket list item for me, especially seeing and experiencing a night in the Sahara Desert….. oh… and you can’t forget the Camel Ride (ok.. I know it is technically a Dromedary but who really says dromedary ride :))

This really was an early morning start, our goal was to get to the Sahara for sunset and it was a good 8 hour drive through the mountains to our final destination.     Our first quick stop was at Irfan, also known as Little Switzerland.   There wasn’t much open when we arrived, but we were able to grab a coffee and stretch our legs.    Most of Morocco is a shade of brown.. this was a lush green.


One of the stops we did make on route to the Sahara was at this Berber Nomad’s home.    In the middle of nowhere.. not a tree, patch of green to be seen on this side of the road, was this tent.   Our Moroccan guide had the bus driver stop and she approached the tent to see if a group of women from Canada could come in and see how they lived.   There was some green across the road and her Husband had taken a farmer’s sheep across for grazing.     The lady was in the midst of making her daily bread and invited us in for some mint tea (a staple in Morocco) and some bread she had made the day before.


Check out the lamb tied up outside the tent.   It was born the day before and the umbilical cord was still attached.   There were chickens running around, they had a separate tent with a clay oven.  The side of the tent we all sat is where the slept.   She had taken out the mats to air out and when we arrived she brought them back in for us to sit on.    Our Guide translated as she made her bread and we asked questions.    She apologized for not having enough cups for all of us to have our tea at once and offered to make it in two batches.   We were OK and shared.   (Truth be known we were all concerned about tummy issues in Morocco and ended up just sharing a sip!)


Here we are sitting in the area they sleep in.      When we were leaving we gave her some money and granola bars and treats we had on the bus.   One of the ladies had an old makeup mirror and gave it to her.   She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled.      They were only going to be in the area for a few weeks more as it was starting to get cool for them.   They would be packing up and making their way about 90 miles south.    This whole experience was VERY humbling and emotional.    I hugged our Guide and thanked her for the stop.   Who knew that a little stop could be such and inspiration.

Personal - Travel


We continued through the Middle Atlas Mountains, the High Atlas Mountains and on to Erfoud.    Security in this area is obvious as the Algerian border is not too far away.   There was nothing to be alarmed about, but we did have a couple of Military road stops.     At one stop our Guide was giving the patrol guys a hard time as it was getting late…. she was telling him (in Arabic) that if the 16 Canadian women miss the sunset in the desert, it was all his fault. While we couldn’t understand what she was saying, you could tell she was giving them heck:)      When we arrived in Erfoud everything was a W-H-I-R-L as it was getting close to sunset.      We arrived at a Kasbah and left all our belongings but one bag each.        Waiting for us to take us on the next part of the journey  were  5 Tuareg’s  with 4 x 4’s .      It was about a 1/2 hour ride, some on road but most on the rocky plateau before you get to the edge of the desert.      We all split into the 5 4 x 4’s and the Tuareg’s RACED each other to Merzouga and then through the rocky plateau to the edge of the desert.     It was hilarious.    They couldn’t speak English but we communicated with laughter at every bump and pit they found to drive over.    Then we come to the edge of the desert and round a corner to find our final ride…… THE CAMELS!

This picture was taken by Colleen and I absolutely love it and wanted to capture it in my journal.      She was on the lead camel.

Fes to the Sahara


We made it…. but it was cloudy so there was no spectacular sunset, but you know what… it didn’t matter.    We all came for this amazing experience and it was just beginning.

After our ride up and down the dunes we arrived to what has to be THE MOST welcoming, emotional, brilliant scene we could have imagined (actually I don’t think any of us could have imagined this).



I still can’t believe that I have “been there, done that”.    It was an amazing surreal experience and I am grateful that I had the opportunity to do it!      Our accommodations for the evening were courtesy of Gold Sand Desert Camp and it was awesome.      We were two to a tent, and  there was no roughing it here, beds, with heavy blankets, toilet, shower and running water and the sand floors were covered in Moroccan rugs.   The funny thing about the water in the sink, when I was washing my face at the end of the night and drained the sink, all that was left was sand.

For days before arriving at the camp we kept asking “will there be wine… if not we want to stop and get some”.    A special phone call was made and we were assured there was wine.   Except there was a miscommunication and it was thought that we “didn’t want wine” (I KNOW!)    When we arrived at the camp and our Moroccan Guide realized there was no wine, she sent one of the Turaeg’s out into town to get the wine.   Whew.. the night was saved.

Being the Space Geek (not really but it is a work thing), the International Space Station flew over and we were all able to see it quite clearly – one of the guys at the camp actually pointed it out as it arched over us.    Then the stars came out, the milky way, the moon… it was a feast for the eyes watching the sky.


We sat down to a delicious dinner under the moonlight and stars while the candles outside the tents sparkled in the night.    And modern technology is never too far away.   Yes there was a generator at the camp.    There was a charging station for all of our electronic devices.     This is the ultimate in luxury camping in the Sahara Desert.

Some late night chanting by the fire pit, more wine then an amazing nights sleep.   What can I say, this was a day that will be filed away in my memory bank for years (and decades) to come.

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Morocco Fes, October 17, 2016

By | November 29, 2016

Hi Stampers

Today is our last day in Fes.    We are up early this morning and are heading to the market to purchase everything we need for our cooking class today.     When I say everything… we even picked out 5 fresh chickens.    It was an early start and a lot of the stalls hadn’t opened yet.    I am not sure what we were all expecting but the first stall we got to was for the chickens… and we all quickly recoiled when we realized that the chickens were being prepared “fresh” while we waited.     There were animals roaming, donkeys bringing in goods, cats everywhere… it was an experience.


The Riad we were staying at is also where the Cooking School was located.

Personal - Travel


Everyone chipping in.


We were suppose to finish cooking in time for lunch but things went longer then expected.     We had a Hamman booked for the afternoon and had to leave before everything was ready.    But the good news is after the Hamman we came back to the Riad, and they had held the meal for us and we ended up having it for dinner.      It ended up working out well, as it was a long day and we were to be up very early the next morning for a long drive to the Sahara.

Here are a few of us in the Hot Tub waiting for our turn in the Hamman.    It was a Western Style Hamman and therefore 3 of us that went in at a time to be scrubbed and buffed 🙂

Personal - Travel

Before leaving the Riad Maison Bleue, Lori and I made a video of the route from our room to the main lobby.    Our room was at the top of the Riad and we got lost more than once trying to get to the lobby.   The second night we were heading out to dinner, we took a wrong turn for the second time and ended up in an alley.   Obviously we were getting lost and figured that we should go through a different door.    Unfortunately the door we decided to open up, led us into a man’s room, who had his back to us and he was NAKED!     Lori and I closed the door and ran like 12 year olds out of the hotel and into the alley.     We finally figured out what the wrong turn was but I will admit that every morning at breakfast we looked at all the guys differently.    Here are the videos from our room to the lobby.

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Morocco Fes – October 16, 2016

By | November 28, 2016

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Today was another early start.     We are heading to Meknes, one of Morocco’s four imperial cities, lunch at Palais Didi, visiting Volubilis, a Roman settlement dating from the 3rd Century BC then dinner at Maison Bleue and being entertained by a Malhoune singer (he was amazing!)

We started off at Volubilis, a Roman settlement from the 3rd Century BC.   I am in awe of the history and ruins that are out in the open, exposed to the elements, visitors, etc. and all that still remains to be discovered  in the area.    I often think that if I were to do things again, I would love to do something with archeology, discovering ancient ruins, history… it fascinates me.

This is Cathy… or as I liked to call her “Debbie Reynolds” and me ( picture proof I was at Volubilis 🙂

Another stop was at the Le Greniers de Moulay Ismail.    Moulay Ismail was a Moroccan leader who had his slaves create the Royal Stables that would eventually house 12,000 royal horses.     Most of the stables are in ruin now due an earthquake in the 18th century.  It is still an impressive site to visit.     This has also been the site of many movies including Ishtar and The Jewel of the Nile.


We stopped at a store in Meknes and while I was sitting outside soaking up the city, a procession went into a restaurant.      It is a shakey video taken with my cell, but the sounds are totally Moroccan.

Dinner this evening was in Fes at La Maison Bleue (owned by the same family as the Riad we were staying at).    What a great group of women.

And for Entertainment Malhoune performers.

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