Succulent Garden – no watering required

By | March 15, 2017
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Hi Stampers

If truth be known… I do not have a green thumb.   The fact that I forget to water plants might have something to do with it.   So I don’t have any plants in the house.     In the 80’s when dried flowers were the rage, I had a few arrangements but soon realized they were BIG dust collectors, so they ended up getting tossed out.

But NOW…. Succulent Gardens are all the rage .   I have seen them in magazines, floral shops and home decor stores.     I am going to have to look into the real ones, cuz I think they might be drought tolerant, but in the meantime, I wanted to make one… if only for the sake to say “I made one”.    But I love it!     I picked up a container at a local craft store and got to die cutting, sponging multiple colours on the leaves and curling the edges.      Part of what I like about the Succulent Plants are the compact nature of them.   I have this sitting on a table in my Living Room and must admit that it gives a touch of nature to the room.   It isn’t overly large and fake looking (if you know what I mean).



I hit Dollar Tree to get the Floral Foam and Moss (they were a bargain at $1.25 each.    I had rocks in a candle arrangement that was unused and put them in the planter.     Didn’t this turn out gorgeous… even if I do say so myself.

Tips to create a realistic succulent garden

  • Sponge multiple colours on the leaves.    On the Old Olive leaves, I sponged Old Olive, then Crumb Cake.    On the Mint Macron leaves I sponged Mint Macaron then Crumb Cake.   On the Sweet Sugarplum leaves I sponged Sweet Sugarplum then Crumb Cake.
  • Sponge each leaf tip with Rich Razzelberry to give them the added detail.
  • Use your bone folder to curl the edges.
  • Add height with other elements like the butterfly and dragonfly.
  • I also added height but taking a piece of Old Olive card stock 2″ x 6″.  I took the Fringe Scissors and cut along the 2″ side (ending just before the edge).  Then I rolled the fringe around a piece of floral wire.    I used some hot glue to adhere the rolled piece together then curled the pieces with my fingers.    When I was happy with the shape I added them to the container for a bit of height and additional texture.
  • I added some rocks to the container and placed the Succulents amongst the rocks.
  • I added more moss to the arrangement after I placed the succulents, spilling some over the sides.
  • Keep the container on the small size… the bigger you get the more fake it looks.    My container is about 7″ x 3″.

Give it a shot… there are many types of containers you can use, mason jars, old tea cups, old bowls, clay pots…. the possibilities are endless.

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