Charming Cafe and Happy Mail

By | February 2, 2018
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Hi Stampers

I have coined a term for 2018….. Happy Mail.    What is Happy Mail?   It is when you pick up your mail (or if you are lucky and have it delivered), and there is something other than Bills or Flyers in the pile.   You know… one of those random cards that make you feel really good that someone took time to not only think about y0u, but to put a stamp on the envelope and drop it in the mailbox.     So… my “thing” this year is all about Happy Mail.    I have great intentions and am going to make a determined effort to send out Happy Mail on a regular basis.    At the end of January I sent out a stack of Happy Mail  to customers, friends and some Team Members to celebrate anniversaries.      I know it isn’t a big deal or blog worthy 🙂  but I hope it brings a smile to unsuspecting individuals.    And… if I write it down, and post it here…. I have made a commitment.


So… to celebrate Happy Mail and if you are reading this, leave a comment and I will send you a card using the Charming Cafe Bundle.   I love this set.    This is a snippet of one of the cards that will be made in February’s Clubs and I love it!.   Your card may be different, but it will be using the same bundle.    So… leave a comment and some Happy Mail will be coming to you.   (If I don’t have your address, you can send it to     Your email address WILL NOT be added to a Newsletter list unless you want it to.        I have posted the Happy Mail info on my Facebook Page as well.   I know not everyone is on Facebook and wanted all of my peeps to have the same opportunity.

So…. let the Happy Mail begin 🙂

Card - General

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2 thoughts on “Charming Cafe and Happy Mail

  1. Marion Kelly

    I think happy mail is wonderful !What s perfect name !
    Every month I send a card , along with a note (. + $5 for a latte ) to my granddaughter at Queens .. she loves getting the card and keeps each one ! I also send my sister in BC an “original “ card and note … she is is so pleased to receive it.
    It is so much more personal when you take time to send a hands on card over email !


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